Film Review (تحلیل فیلم)

فروردین 16, 1397

همه می دانند اصغر فرهادی

اکران فیلم جدید اصغر فرهادی به نام «همه می دانند» برای طرفداران او خبر هیجان انگیزی ست. اما هیجان انگیزتر این که نه تنها در این فیلم دو بازیگر برجسته […]
اسفند 7, 1396

Psyché, Gaspar Noé’s Undone Project

In April 17th, 2018, many websites, including the producer of Gaspar Noé’s films, announced the premiere of a feature film by Gaspar Noé under the title of Climax. Before that, […]
آبان 3, 1396


On the cover of the DVD of DETACHMENT, it reads: “Adrien Brody, delivering his finest performance since THE PIANIST.” I think this is indeed right. I was thrilled by his […]
تیر 24, 1396

RoboCop 2014: A Racist Film

RoboCop 2014 starts with a scene in the occupied Tehran, in which the cultured, refined, and gentle white Americans are “PACIFYING” savage Iranians with their machines, robots, and advanced weapons, […]
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