آبان 18, 1397

The Sorrowful Song of Three Sagas by Ahmad Shamlou

The Sorrowful Song of Three Sagas is a poem written by Ahmad Shamlou, originally in Persian, in the spring of 1989. In the next lines, you can read my translation of […]
مهر 6, 1397

ناراحتی ابر؟

ناراحتی ابر؟ یا از صورتم پیداست تنهایی من؟   Are you sad o cloud? or you can read it on my face how lonely I am?     Image by Klaus […]
مهر 1, 1397
سید محمد سینا قاسمی موسوی

But Still…

با این حال عطر بهار نارنج هم بود، شاخه ی رزی هم از دیوار آویخته…   but still there was the scent of orange blossoms, and a rose branch hanging […]