Vadim Stein

آبان 18, 1397

The Sorrowful Song of Three Sagas by Ahmad Shamlou

The Sorrowful Song of Three Sagas is a poem written by Ahmad Shamlou, originally in Persian, in the spring of 1989. In the next lines, you can read my translation of […]
مرداد 9, 1397
Vadim Stein

Immortal Lover – Videographed by Vadim Stein

“Immortal Lover” is a song in electronic genre from Andrew Bayer, produced by Anjunabeats. It features vocals by Alison May. The video music for this song was videographed by Vadim Stein, […]
فروردین 12, 1397
Ahmad Shamloo poems

The Fish

I think my heart has never been this much warn and red:   I feel in the worst moments of this deathly night many thousand wellsprings of sun in my […]
فروردین 10, 1397

The Common Love

Tear is a mystery, Smile is a mystery, Love is a mystery.   The tear in that night was my love’s smile.   I am not a narrative so that […]
فروردین 8, 1397

با سکوتت فریاد بزن

بم ترین نوت های موسیقی ناتوانند از نواختن دلهره های تو، با سکوتت با من حرف بزن؛   از آرامش گرگ و میش بگو، می دانم آفتاب ساطور بدست در […]
فروردین 7, 1397
Philosophical Poems by Ahmad Shamlou

Nocturne 6

Alas, the human had adapted to the pain of his centuries; Alas! We did not know this and shoulder to shoulder in the breath-filled streets of battle we screamed.   […]
فروردین 11, 1396

Blessed be Ignorance

Human strives for meaning. Meaning is buried deep; and depth, in pain. Once they finds this jinxed reward, it stays with them, impossible to get rid of. So, blessed be […]
فروردین 11, 1396

نوشتن برای زندگان

برای زندگان نوشتن، همیشه نوشتن از پوچی ست _مردگان ورای پوچی اند؛ برای زندگان صحبتی جز پوچی بی هوده است. آنکه می کشد، فریاد می کشد؛ و آنکه خود را […]