Definition of Pray

Ahmad Shamlou احمد شاملو Ahmad Shamlu Ahmad Shamloo
Ahmad Shamlou
بهمن 1, 1395
twisted figure by eugène dodeigne
Short Poem #1
بهمن 1, 1395
نمایش همه

Definition of Pray

Definition of Pray

When some are in a difficult situation, others keep repeating “pray, pray, pray, let’s pray for them. You pray too; it’ll solve all your problems.” While in fact they are sitting on their asses and doing nothing of any use. That made me looked up the definition of praying in my dictionary:


pray (verb)


gerund or present participle: praying

Hallucinating that one is being helpful for the wellness of people afflicted, while in fact, one is not making any results other than putting oneself in a selfish drunken stupor not to feel any pain.

“Morons outside were filming the accident, while others at home were praying for the ones trapped under the rubble to survive.”

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