Seyyed Mohammad Sina Ghasemi Mousavi



Hometown: Karaj, Iran


I am a graduate of English Language & Literature, with talent & experience in teaching, creative & academic writing, editing, & translation; with an insatiable interest in cinema, screenwriting, & journalism. My burning ambition is to continue my education up to Ph.D. level & work in the field of cinema & writing.

Accuracy & commitment are essential principles for me in my professional activities. I am willing to work in team provided with the atmosphere of honesty & fair competition.


2010 – 2014
The University of Mazandaran,
English Language & Literature, B.A.

  • Passed 137 credits with the total GPA of 17.42 out of 20
  • Year 1 & 2: advanced courses on the 4 general skills of English, with extra focus on reading and writing, plus some courses on translation, linguistics, and basic French.
  • Year 3 & 4: courses on literature, plus some advanced translation, teaching, journalism, research, and essay writing courses.
  • Wrote numerous essays, reviews, plays, and poems; gave several oral presentations on different subjects as course assignments.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Derafsh-e Mehr Literary Journal:

  • Published 4 issues of Derafsh-e Mehr, a literary journal in English containing works by students and teachers of the university and beyond it, between spring 2013 to spring 2014.
  • Successfully proofread and edited literary works by other students; did the photography, layout, graphic design, online works, and public relations almost entirely single-handedly.
  • Successfully solicited some professional authors into sending and giving permission to publish their works.
  • Published samples of my own creative and academic writings in forms of essays, reviews, poems, short stories, and screenplays.
  • Overall, this project needed so much skill in literature, English language, editing, computer graphic design, time & budget management; plus so much patience, perseverance, & devotion.

Training courses and certificates

Karnameh Arts Institute; Screenwriting Workshop; 2016 (April to July)

  • Basics of screenwriting; from dramatic idea to plot.

Ministry of Culture at Babolsar Township; Theater (Acting); 2011 – 2014

  • Acted in amateur plays; as weekly assignments wrote several creative writings & short plays.

edX, Inc. (MOOC Platform)

  • Hollywood: History, Industry, Art; PennX of The University of Pennsylvania; Nov. 2016

The impact of media technology on the art and business of Hollywood; the political role of films in American and world culture; and tools for analyzing a film.

  • English Grammar & Style; UQx of The University of Queensland, Australia; Oct. 2015

Grammatical principles, word usage, writing style, sentence and paragraph structure, and punctuation.

  • How to Write an Essay; BerkeleyX of The University of California, Berkeley; Oct. 2015

Issues of grammar, written structure, editing, revising, and paragraph development.

  • Academic & Business Writing; BerkeleyX of The University of California, Berkeley; May 2015

Reading and writing in different academic disciplines including literature, creative writing, science, technology, and social sciences.

Work Experience

2017 (Oct.) – Present, Content Writer & Webmaster at

  • Delinglish (Delicious English) is a website for ESL learners of English. It covers educational articles, videos, podcasts on general English, plus international exams including TOEFL, EILTS, and PTE.
  • Writing educational material and webmastering are among the skills I have learned.

2017 (Feb.) – 2018 (May), English Teacher at Ertebatat Language Group, Karaj

  • Taught a variety of English courses from A1 to C1; IELTS and TOEFL; oral and written proficiencies.
  • Class management, designing educational content, and leadership are among the skills I have gained.

2010 – Present, Freelance English Translator (English to Persian & vice versa)

  • Translated business and academic articles in a variety of professional fields and disciplines. Translated literary works including poems, plays, short stories, and novellas.
  • Accuracy and speed in oral and written translation are among the skills I have learned.

Other work experience:

Teaching general English, high school and college English at private classes; salesmanship; marketing; conscription at the law enforcement forces of Iran.


2018, The Well (Original title: “چاه”), Karpi Publications, Babol, ISBN: 978-600-6913-43-8

  • The Well is a play written initially by Alireza Tavana in Persian. The translation of this book by me was published in the winter of 2018, alongside the original play in a single volume. The publication coincided with the premiere of the very play, directed by Abbas Abolhasan simultaneously both in English and Persian.


MS Windows, PowerPoint, Word; Adobe Photoshop & Fireworks; general knowledge of hardware & software; blogging & social media.

Photography, logo, layout, & graphic design; amateur stage acting, sound effects, & lighting.

Literature & Creative Writing:
Written & published original & translated short stories, plays, screenplays, poems, essays, film reviews, & magazine articles.

Native proficiency in Persian; full professional proficiency in English; elementary proficiency in French & Spanish.

Additional Info

Different genres of literature and creative writing (specifically screenwriting); dramatic arts including, cinema, theater, performance, dance; and also visual arts, especially photography and graphic design.



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