A Thought on Immigration

My mother kept asking me why I want to leave all the convenience I have in my country and go live in a different country where I might be mocked for my skin color, hair color, accent, and nationality; or somewhere that I have no equal rights to the native inhabitants. But she stopped asking when I replied: “because I will be mocked for nothing that I haven’t been already mocked for in my country, and I won’t lose any right that I haven’t already lost.”

I never liked the people of my country; I have been hurt by them so many times that I can hardly count. I have never had any part in the destiny of my country already: I can’t vote to whom I like to vote, I can’t speak up and say I don’t want to be a Muslim, or I don’t want He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named as the head of the government, and I have never had a job that paid enough to sustain a decent living. Indeed I am an alien in my hometown! I have kept up for 25 years; I think I can keep up for another 25 in a different land. So, tell me what am I going to lose if I leave?

No answer? I call it a success, then. I can become a millionaire with my persuasion skills!

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