Ahmad Shamlou

آبان 18, 1397

The Sorrowful Song of Three Sagas by Ahmad Shamlou

The Sorrowful Song of Three Sagas is a poem written by Ahmad Shamlou, originally in Persian, in the spring of 1989. In the next lines, you can read my translation of […]
مرداد 5, 1397
In the Struggle of the Mirror and the Image - Ahmad Shamlou Poems

In the Struggle of the Mirror and the Image (2) – A Poem by Ahmad Shamlou

In the Struggle of the Mirror and the Image is a poem by Ahmad Shamlou, the renowned Iranian poet, translated by me. (I have translated and published quite a few of […]
اردیبهشت 16, 1397
Ahmad Shamlou translated poem

The Tablet – A Poem by Ahmad Shamlou

Ahmad Shamlou wrote “The Tablet” (in Persian: «لوح») in 1964, when he was 38 years old. This poem is from the middle stage of Shamlou’s life as a poet, when […]
فروردین 18, 1397

I Can’t Not Be Beautiful

“I Can’t Not Be Beautiful” (Original title: “نمی توانم زیبا نباشم“) A Poem by Ahmad Shamlou Translated & Narrated by Sina Ghasemi I Can’t Not Be Beautiful by Ahmad Shamlou   I […]
فروردین 12, 1397
Ahmad Shamloo poems

The Fish

I think my heart has never been this much warn and red:   I feel in the worst moments of this deathly night many thousand wellsprings of sun in my […]
فروردین 10, 1397

The Common Love

Tear is a mystery, Smile is a mystery, Love is a mystery.   The tear in that night was my love’s smile.   I am not a narrative so that […]
فروردین 7, 1397
Philosophical Poems by Ahmad Shamlou

Nocturne 6

Alas, the human had adapted to the pain of his centuries; Alas! We did not know this and shoulder to shoulder in the breath-filled streets of battle we screamed.   […]
فروردین 4, 1397


Not a door not a way Not a night not a moon Not a day nor a sun,   We are standing outside of the time with a bitter dagger […]
فروردین 2, 1397

نگاه کن – شعری از احمد شاملو

خیلی ها پس خواندن شعر «نگاه کن» احمد شاملو آن را شعری زیبا، نوآور، و با مزمون سیاسی توصیف کرده اند. اما «نگاه کن» فقط این ها نیست. درست است، […]