The Tablet – A Poem by Ahmad Shamlou

Ahmad Shamlou wrote “The Tablet” (in Persian: «لوح») in 1964, when he was 38 years old. This poem is from the middle stage of Shamlou’s life as a poet, when he was already a recognized poet in Iran. The Tablet has political, atheistic, and anti-war themes.

The Tablet is among my most favorite poe[……]

ادامه ی متن

ابراهیم گلستان؛ نقطه، سر سطر

اخرین (4 اردیبهشت 1397)، مستندی به نام «ابراهیم گلستان؛ نقطه، سر سطر» به تهیه کنندگی رایدو فردا، و تصویربرداری و کارگردانی محمد عبدی درباره ی ابراهیم گلستان در وبسایت رادیو فردا منتشر شده. ابراهیم گلستان؛ نقطه، سر سطر هم قابل دیدن به صورت آنلاین در وبسایت رادیو فردا و در یوتیوب است، و هم قابل دانلود[……]

ادامه ی متن

The Fish

I think

my heart has never been

this much

warn and red:


I feel

in the worst moments of this deathly night

many thousand wellsprings of sun

in my heart

flows out of confidence;


I feel

in every inch and corner of this despair desert

many thousand merry forest[……]

ادامه ی متن

The Common Love

Tear is a mystery,

Smile is a mystery,

Love is a mystery.


The tear in that night was my love’s smile.


I am not a narrative so that you could tell me,

Not a melody you could sing,

Not a sound you could hear,

Or that sort you could see,

Or that type you coul[……]

ادامه ی متن

Nocturne 6

Alas, the human

had adapted to the pain of his centuries;


We did not know this

and shoulder to shoulder

in the breath-filled streets of battle

we screamed.


Gods had all vanished

and there was just the name of the human

the device of the charm that drove the most beau[……]

ادامه ی متن


Not a door

not a way

Not a night

not a moon

Not a day

nor a sun,



are standing

outside of the time

with a bitter dagger

pierced in our spines.




to another one

‘cause silence

is speaking

in a thousand tongues.


We are gazing

at our deads


ادامه ی متن