Haiku #2

A beggar girl
Her baby sister
Was her doll

دختر گدا
خواهر کوچولویش
عروسکش بود.

Iranian Haiku
Photo by Andrew Murray

About a Fish & a Cat

[A Short Story]


Among the numerous statues of horses scattered on Asbi Square[i], there are a few pools in which people release their Nowrouz goldfishes[ii]. The fish live in those pools for the rest of the year. But usually, not many of them survive until winter.

Many things shorten the li[……]

ادامه ی متن

یک حس

شاد بودن تو این دنیای عن فقط از یه احمق لاشی بر می آد.

Short Poem #1

شهیدان از همه پوچ انگار ترند
و پیامبران همه شیادانی دلسوز
و ما نوزادانی که وفادارانه پستانکی را می مکیم

The Martyrs are the most absurdist of all
and the prophets are all compassionate hypocrites
and we are babies who faithfully suck a pacifier

Featured image: Twisted Figure by Eugène[……]

ادامه ی متن