Of Death

Translation of The Well
English Translation of The Well, a Play by Alireza Tavana, Published
اسفند 2, 1396
سایکی گاسپار نوئه
سایکی (Psyché) فیلم جدید گاسپار نوئه
اسفند 6, 1396
نمایش همه

Of Death

Ahmad Shamlou Death
Of Death
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I have never feared death,

even though its hands are heavier than nothingness.

My fear, though, is of dying on a land

where the wage of a gravedigger

is higher than

the price of a human’s freedom.



and then

Choosing at will,

and to build a bulwark

out of oneself_


If death has a price higher than these,

Never ever am I scared of death.


Ahmad Shamlou“Of Death” (Original title: «از مرگ»
A poem by Ahmad Shamlou
Translated by Sina Ghasemi.
First published in Derafsh-e Mehr.

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