نگاه کن – شعری از احمد شاملو
فروردین 2, 1397
فلش فیکشن داستانک
چرا پدر بزرگ عینک مادر بزرگ را قایم کرد؟
فروردین 5, 1397
نمایش همه


Ahmad Shamlou Poem
ستاره بده!

Not a door

not a way

Not a night

not a moon

Not a day

nor a sun,



are standing

outside of the time

with a bitter dagger

pierced in our spines.




to another one

‘cause silence

is speaking

in a thousand tongues.


We are gazing

at our deads

with a trace of a smile,

and we are waiting

for our turn

without a smile!


Ahmad Shamlou Poem

Ahmad Shamlou“شبانه” [Nocturne]
A poem by Ahmad Shamlou
Translated by Sina Ghasemi
The photographer of the featured image is not known to me.

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