My Idol

Of all these moons
that are scattered on your sky
only three suns pressed together
can compensate for your beauty.

Your eyes
are two thirsty rivers
beyond which canebrakes
a banned load is being carried.

Of all this snow
that has whitened your teeth
what heavy snow
does the sky owe to the winter!

Your hands
are the shape and figure of bestowing;
Your ears
are two winding blueprints
to hide secrets and dreams.

Has a causeless longing
drawn your body lines
that has made it impossible be repeated?

Oh my,
forbid the storm
that would put to dust
my sand idol!


Shams Langroudi Poetry

Shams LangroudiMy Idol (Original title: «تندیس تو»)
By Shams Langroudi
Translated by me

My Idol
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