Inhumane Jewish Circumcision

First, watch this video of Jewish ritual circumcision, then we will talk:

Why I hate this video

That video of Jewish circumcision disgusts me, but I felt obligated to share it because I believe it is important for people all over the world to have a better knowledge about a very disgusting cult, called Judaism. In this video we witness a poor baby being mutilated (circumcised) in the traditional Jewish way. We see him bleed, hear him shriek painfully, and we see disgusting dumb people standing still watching the scene. I was born in a Muslim family, and therefore I was circumcised when I was 4 or 5 years old kid _I remember the whole operation, and I will never forgive my parents for putting me there, but still, this video is alarming for me.

I think Jews or whoever else believes in the righteousness of this ritual must be mad. Keep in mind that Judaism, the same as Christianity or Islam is a cult and not a race; therefore I cannot be labeled as a racist for calling Jews mad. I have no problem with a person born in Israel or a Jewish family who does not have faith in Judaism. But anybody who finds any goodness in a ritual such as the one performed in this video is simply mad, according to me.

Why Jewish circumcision is awful

I believe any average sane person with common sense can understand why this video is disgusting and disturbing. But I am going to manifest why I think it is so, for people who have doubts:

1- We see that a baby is stripped naked by guys who look like my worst nightmares, and being mutilated. Let’s take a blind eye on the ugly sight and the horrible memory that can mark in the baby’s mind, but the baby cannot have given the mutilators his agreement on being mutilated. It is therefore unfair and inhuman to leave a permanent mark on a person’s body without his consent. Harming a human being is obviously a crime. If someone did that to an adult, the victim could have sewed them. I suppose doing this to a defenseless baby is much graver.

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2- We see that the baby is mutilated without any anesthetics. It is evident because no substance is injected or applied except for a bullshit mumbo jumbo powder that seems not to reduce the pain because the baby obviously shrieks with pain.

3- We see that a rabbi sucks the wound on the baby’s genitalia which, disregarding the barbarism of sucking blood, is an apparent practice of sexual harassment.

4- We then see a bunch of spectators watching this horrible scene and taking no action to stop it.

Why don’t they ban this ritual?

So, where are the children’s rights activist to ban this horrible ritual? I am sure if this happened in, say, Iran the media would have made us deaf by broadcasting it day and night.

Inhumane Jewish Circumcision
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