Another Sleepless Night

How many times have you rolled on your side on your bed in the dead silence and darkness of past 3 a.m. after several efforts to fall asleep, and with wide open eyes looking at a dark corner of your room saying in sotto voce “this is not my life”?

Are you living your life?

This is not my lif[……]

ادامه ی متن

یک حس

شاد بودن تو این دنیای عن فقط از یه احمق لاشی بر می آد.

A Thought on Immigration

My mother kept asking me why I want to leave all the convenience I have in my country and go live in a different country where I might be mocked for my skin color, hair color, accent, and nationality; or somewhere that I have no equal rights to the native inhabitants. But she stopped asking when I r[……]

ادامه ی متن

Hello world!

After writing so much lies about happiness, ambition, and that sort of stuff in the SOPs and application letters that I have sent to different universities in the past month, I think what great freedom it is to write the truth in a personal website. It’s much better than any social network. I have a[……]

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