Nocturne 6

Alas, the human

had adapted to the pain of his centuries;


We did not know this

and shoulder to shoulder

in the breath-filled streets of battle

we screamed.


Gods had all vanished

and there was just the name of the human

the device of the charm that drove the most beau[……]

ادامه ی متن


Not a door

not a way

Not a night

not a moon

Not a day

nor a sun,



are standing

outside of the time

with a bitter dagger

pierced in our spines.




to another one

‘cause silence

is speaking

in a thousand tongues.


We are gazing

at our deads


ادامه ی متن

عاشقانه ی خوابگرد

            سبز که سبز می خواهمت!

نسیم سبز. شاخسار سبز.

قایق بر دریا

و اسب در کوهسار.


با سایه ی بر کمرش

زیبای من غرق رویاست بر لب ایوانش.

گوشت سبز، مو سبز،

با چشم های سیمین سرد.

            سبز که سبز می خواهمت!

زیر ماه کولی،

همه چیز خیره به اوست

و او نمی تواند ببیندشان.


ادامه ی متن

A Sketch

The night

has been singing

for ages

with its bloody throat.


The sea

has been sitting coldly.


A branch

in the blackness of the forest

screams towards

the light.


Poems by Ahmad Shamlou

Ahmad Shamlou“A Sketch” (Original title: «طرح»)

A poem by Ahmad Shamlou

Translated by Sina Ghasem[……]

ادامه ی متن

Of Death

I have never feared death,
Even though its hands are heavier than nothingness.
My fear, though, is of dying on a land
Where the wage of a gravedigger
Is higher than
The price of a human’s freedom.

And then
Choosing at will,
And to build a bulwark
Out of oneself_

If death has a price higher than these,
Never, never, ever I am scared of death.[……]

ادامه ی متن


He who says “I love you”

is a sad soloist

having lost his song.


I wish love had

a tongue to speak


A thousand happy larks

are in your eyes,

A thousand silent canaries

in my throat.


I wish

love had a tongue to speak


He who says “I love[……]

ادامه ی متن

The Black Mountain

I am taking my first feeble steps

from behind my ancient black mountain,

from the prison in which I was a captive for years.

I feel the snowflakes on the infected wounds on my body;

the snowflakes sit on my wounds, and I enjoy it_

I am Winter’s child!


And you but find ref[……]

ادامه ی متن