Haiku #2

A beggar girl
Her baby sister
Was her doll

دختر گدا
خواهر کوچولویش
عروسکش بود.

Iranian Haiku
Photo by Andrew Murray

About a Fish & a Cat

[A Short Story]


Among the numerous statues of horses scattered on Asbi Square[i], there are a few pools in which people release their Nowrouz goldfishes[ii]. The fish live in those pools for the rest of the year. But usually, not many of them survive until winter.

Many things shorten the li[……]

ادامه ی متن

Forough Farrokhzad

A Biographical Essay about Forough Farrokhzad


“I do not know what arriving is,
but without a doubt, there is a destination
towards which my whole being flows.”
-Forough Farrokhzad



Forough Farrokhzad is undoubtedly one of the most prominent among the Iranian woman po[……]

ادامه ی متن

Short Poem #1

شهیدان از همه پوچ انگار ترند
و پیامبران همه شیادانی دلسوز
و ما نوزادانی که وفادارانه پستانکی را می مکیم

The Martyrs are the most absurdist of all
and the prophets are all compassionate hypocrites
and we are babies who faithfully suck a pacifier

Featured image: Twisted Figure by Eugène[……]

ادامه ی متن

Ahmad Shamlou

The dawn and dusk of Ahmad Shamlou


“I prefer poetry to be a clarion
and not a lullaby.”[1]
Ahmad Shamlou


Ahmad Shamlou, also known under pen-names of A. Sobh (A. Morning) and A. Bamdad (A. Dawn), is one of the most influential people in contemporary Persian literature,[……]

ادامه ی متن


[A Short Story]


Some say it is like giving birth to a child, some say it is worse _it is just horrible. Trying to push small pieces of stone out of your bladder, you would beg for the yellow drops of urine come after being frightened by seeing the painful red drops of blood dancing in the[……]

ادامه ی متن

Haiku #1

Stones and cats his toys,
the kid grew up to be a judge_
Stones and men this time.

در کودکی بازیچه اش سنگ بود و گربه ها؛

قاضی که شد بازیچه اش سنگ بود

و این بار آدم ها.

Stones and Men